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August is the time for fitness goal reassessment (As featured on

barbell weightIt’s typically agreed upon that Jan. 1st is the day each year when people make some attempt at goal setting. While January is a popular time to establish the goal(s) I often use July/August as the time to reassess an individual’s “plan of attack,” making sure their behaviors are matching their goals.
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Ten foods for good health (As featured on

I won’t bore you with the details on how much protein you should be getting, or whether or not “going low carb” is right for you. Rather, I want to be as specific as possible to the tune of listing 10 foods — in random order — you should include as part of your weekly nutritional habits.
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Put down the pink dumbbells (As featured on

A sound exercise program encompasses three main areas. Unfortunately, I come across many exercisers who still engage in only one, maybe two of the three and wonder why they’re not reaching their respective goals. Whether your goal is weight loss, strength gains, improvements in joint ranges of motion or all of the above, I strongly advise you to tweak your program so that all three components are involved..
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Finding Success in Spring Workouts (As featured in the Watertown Tab & Press)

So what exactly can one do to ensure a safe, effective and efficient workout this spring? I’m glad you asked, as a lecture I recently gave at a local fitness center revolved around steps toward an optimal fitness regimen. I’ve taken the liberty of sharing seven of them with you....
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Dining Out with Success

Eating at restaurants, while quite enjoyable, can cause headaches for those attempting to watch their waistline as ordering can be a daunting task. The following represents a simple, informal guide to help you pick and choose what to consider when dining out...
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Common Fitness & Wellness Questions and Answers

This article provides answers to some of the commonly asked questions about fitness such as: Is stretching necessary? How do I improve my abs? How many days per week should I exercise? and more...
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Optimizing Basketball Strength & Conditioning

As a basketball enthusiast who both plays the game and trains others who do, I’m constantly seeking out the best methods to enhance and optimize the performance of my clients. If there’s a way to jump higher, enhance agility, or simply improve overall conditioning levels to avoid getting winded, I want to know about it.
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