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Exercise of the Month - April 2009:
“Quantitative Feedback via Pedometers”

There are a plethora of fitness gadgets available for exercise enthusiasts to track their results.  One gadget I like using with some of the groups I train are pedometers.  A pedometer is a step counter that records the number of steps you take by the motion at your hips.  They come in various models, but you can get a decent one for ~$30.  Personally, the feedback from the machine makes you want to increase your daily step count to achieve a proper weight and enhance your cardiovascular system.

A ballpark number to use is 2,000 steps = 1 mile.  A national initiative has been to walk 10,000 steps every day.  If you really focus on it, it’s definitely doable.  Simple tips to increase your daily step count include the following:

  • walk your dog more often
  • park farther away at the mall/grocery store
  • take a morning walk before breakfast every day
  • take the stairs at work instead of the elevator
  • make use of your gym membership as opposed to paying for it and never going
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