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Summer 2014 Exercise Tip
“Reflecting back on your Workout Intensity”

photo of a man resting after a workout

One tactic I implore my clients to implement is reflecting back at the conclusion of each workout to make sure they are working as hard as they should.  Every rep counts and it’s important to make the most of every minute you have.  I’d rather have someone bust their butt in the gym for 15-20 minutes, than “dilly-dally” and use up (waste) an hour of their time.  One mantra I constantly preach to my training clients is the following: “the harder you work, the better you feel”- particularly psychologically.”  Try it during your next workout, then reflect back and you’ll feel A LOT more accomplished if you push yourself harder than you normally would.

Repeat it over and over to yourself as a daily mantra… “The harder I work, the better I’ll feel.”

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