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Exercise of the Month - May 2009: “Incorporating Hills”

While I tend to get my conditioning in doing Air Dyne intervals and playing basketball, I do like to go for the occasional run when the weather is nice.  Steady-state (moving at a consistent, sub-maximal pace) runs are OK, but I prefer doing hill intervals.  To make it interesting, I use my neighborhood as my training course.  Specifically, I’ll run hard up one hill and walk down the next street as a means of recovery.  I’ll repeat this several times and conclude with a small walk or jog. 

In addition, I’ll jog or bike to various locations to find new courses to try out and design workouts.  The keys are to keep it fun and progressive.  For example, if you’re going to incorporate the hill stuff, add one hill each week as a means of progression.  You can also tweak the work:rest ratios for an added challenge.  Have fun and email me if you have questions.

running up hills
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